Friday, May 24, 2013

Today in motorcycle history, May 24, 1999


  Buell recalls 1,765 X1 Lightning models.


  Due to possible chafing of the rear brake reservoir hose.  This "small problem" can result in the loss of brake fluid and, alas, the loss of your rear brake.  If you're on a mountain road doing 85 mph at the time that could kinda suck.  Not saying it's ok to speed on mountain roads but, if you're not speeding on a Buell why did you buy it in the first place?


  Oh yeah, the same models are recalled for the need of re-routing of the positive battery cable.  The stock factory routing has the cable in too close in proximity to the batterybox which could cause  your new Lightning to stall suddenly.  Not a good thing if you're cranking down that same mountain pass or twistin' the wick trying to beat your buddy on his Suzuki while on Route 50 in Neveada.


Just keepin' you informed.