Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today in motorcycle history, March 7, 1970


  Hollywood actor or motorcycle rider?   This weekend the answer is...motorcycle rider.  Steve McQueen competes in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix.

  Steve McQueen competes in the 3rd Lake Elsinore Grand Prix.  In a field of nearly 500 bikes, McQueen rides his Husqvarna 405cc over the 10 mile course. 

  William F Nolan quotes Steve's account of the race in his book 'McQueen':

  "When you're runnin' with the top ten, as I was, you're really honkin' on pretty good an' what happpens is that with so many bikes choppin' up the dirt the holes in the course get worse...deeper with each lap.  I was comin' out of a wash under a bridge with this road dip ahead and I just kinda took one of those big jumps where you're sure you're gonna make it but you don't.  And I didn't.  My bike nosed into the dip, which was, like, deep - and I went ass-over the bars into the crowd.  Didn't hurt anybody but me.  My left foot was busted in six places."

  This wasn't enough to stop him however, as he got back on his Husky and finished the race, finishing in the top ten.

   The King of Cool.