Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today in motorcycle history, March 10, 2005



  The 2005 AMA/Prostar: Dynojet Horsepower Challenge is held in Valdosta, Georgia.

   And the winner is..... 

  In the Import Unlimited class - Hank Booth of Great Falls, Montana. Hank's highly modified 1999 Suzuki 1300GSXR Hayabusa with an NLR turbocharger cranked out a mind-boggling 701.32 horsepower.

  Richard Peppler, of Ontario, Canada came in second with 559.02 horses, and Glen Bertagnoli coming in third with a 445.16. All of the top three competitors were using the Suzuki Hayabusa engine.

  Highlights of other classes were Kent Stotz with 210 bhp on a turbo powered Honda in the Imported V-Twin Cruiser Open class while Don Smith tweaked his 600cc Suzuki to produce a respectable 118 bhp.

  Bragging rights in the Domestic Motorcycle Class went to Weston, Florida resident Kevin Kelly who managed to get his Harley to produce 247 bhp in the V-twin Unlimited category, narrowly ahead of Nick Trask of Phoenix, Arizona whose Harley generated 228 bhp.

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