Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today in motorcycle history, April 23, 1906



   Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd. registered on April 23, 1906 with a capital of 100 pounds.


  The new all-British built Triumph motorcycle hits the market with it's new rocking front spring fork, redesigned frame and a new engine design which features the newly-invented Bosch-Simms high-tension magneto. Five hundred bikes are produced in 1906. Motorcycle journalist 'Ixion' tests a prototype 1907 machine but it proves flawed and the frame breaks. He later used an upgraded 1907 model to ride 1,279 miles in six days.

  53 years later Triumph will introduce one of the greatest motorcycles in the history of mankind, the T120 Bonneville.

  In a sick twist of fate, on August 23, 1983 Triumph Motorcycles (Meriden) Ltd. declares bankruptcy, unable to out ride their financial woes.

  Enter John Bloor...

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