Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today in motorcycle history, December 18, 1975




  36, 650 acres of salty, speed-lovers delight known as the the Bonneville Salt Flats Racetrack (Bonneville Speedway) is added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

  Allow me to give you a few of the mind-bogglin', eye-poppin', teeth-chattering motorcycle land speed records achieved at Bonneville...

  1956 John Allen on a 649cc Triumph hits 193.730 mph.

  1962 William A. Johnson does 224.57 mph aboard a 667cc Triumph.

  1966 Robert Leppan cranks out 245.60 mph on the infamous "Gyronaut X-1", powered by a twin-engine Triumph.

  1967 New Zealander  Burt Munro does a movie-making speed of 183.59 mph while positioned straight-out upon his 1920 Indian Scout.

  1990 Dave Campos' 3,000cc (180 cubic inch) Ruxton Harley-Davidson nails it at 322.150 mph.  Which is the longest held official record standing until 2006 when Rocky Robinson's Ack-Attack twin-engine, Suzuki clocks in with a speed of 342.797.  Robinson's Ack-Attack will top that in September, 2010, with the sphincter-twitching speed of 376.363 mph.

  2012 Brandon Nozaki Miller records a speed of 102.281 mph on a Zero S ZF6 making it the first electric motorcycle to go 100 mph.

   And you're still gonna brag your Sportster did 114 mph on I-95 in 1988?